Parcours in Digital Hybridity, University of Derby

Virtual Dissolution

Parcours* – A Personal Survey through the Digital Wilderness

Gudrun Bielz

Within the context of my PhD research for ‘Arctificial Territories’ I will conduct a personal survey of the following areas, utilising blogging, writing, audio and video sketches; dialogue, monologue and epilogue – a hybridologue:

Hybridity in the digital jungle – artificial ideas and networking – postmodern and transhuman ideas – multiple realities, personalities and places. Hybrid arts.

New normalities and psychotherapy for computing powers. Obsessional thoughts and compulsive activities by human, post-human and artificial entities. Immediacy and simulation.

The race for life. A race for utopia and dystopia, hyperreal events and hybrid space – liquid and wearable space – extensions – extensions – embodied and disembodied fantasies – posthuman scenarios – digital fetishes – a fun fair through a parallel universe of ‘authentic’ virtual worlds.

THE HEART OF THE WORLD. Do you listen to its beat? This is hybrid life.

*Parcour: the activity or sport of running through an area, typically in an urban environment, using acrobatic techniques to negotiate obstacles (Oxford English Dictionary)

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