Dancing and thinking. Writing up my PhD ‘Arctificial Territory’, having to revise it again and again. Words are spinning in my head. So I am spinning on the dance floor. Shaking them, the words, into order and into a little pet that will follow me through to the end of this journey. Not sure if it is a rabbit. The Mars Volta are my dancing music. Progressive rock with maths, a bit of repetition like in arctificial and a bit of mysticism like in afterlife fantasies. MY LIMBS ARE PLACED ON MY HEAD. SLAVOJ ZIZEK appears on the screen with HIS TAKE ON SCHELLING AND HIS THOUGHTS ABOUT UNCONSCIOUSNESS: Zizek, Slavoj. “From Proto-reality to the Act”. 14. July 2011 <>.

Shaking limbs rearrange the neurons. Do they? Estrogens and testosterones are involved here. Endorphins are racing. Like snow flakes in a winterscape, my thoughts start to swirl and rearrange themselves. So new like newspace. So new like newthought. So old like everything that has been thought and danced already. A slightly different movement of the limbs, a rearrangement of thoughts – laughter out of the lecture hall – fading in the wind – the great outdoors. Trees dancing with my thoughts and leaving some residue of resin on my forehead.

Dance: “parades & changes, replays”, Anna Halprin and Anne Collod

and “Cafe Mueller” by Pina Bausch

Bielz, Gudrun. Dancing, writing and living art.  24 Jul 2011.

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