End of ageing. End of death. Why this language of war?

by Gudrun Bielz on Sunday, 17 July 2011 at 11:11

Some stuff I posted on Ending ageing: SENS SENS foundation, Aubrey de Grey. Facebook (closed group)  http://www.sens.org/


Gudrun Bielz Strictly as an observer. I see a lot of black and white thinking in these discussions. ‘You are either for me or against me’. ‘Where do your loyalties lie? ‘ ‘You have doubts, they are not allowed in this world’. For such complex thinkers, who work with complex systems and within them, there is quite a linearity. LOL. Also, guys, don’t forget the language of war. ‘Death is defeated. Death is a cancer.’ Some reference to this language can be found at http://shm.oxfordjournals.org/content/14/2/293.short?rss=1&ssource=mfc (an abstract about a paper on Susan Sontag’s ‘Illness as metaphor’) – I would suggest rethinking the use of language in this ‘WAR ON AGEING’. Cancer is quite a complex illness and perhaps had its use or still might have its use (I am thinking about sickle cell anemia and that it might provide some protection against Malaria, http://sickle.bwh.harvard.edu/malaria_sickle.html). So why are some of you using such a complex metaphor as cancer in such a single minded way by stating: Death is a cancer? IS THIS NOT COUNTERPRODUCTIVE and simplistic? THE LANGUAGE OF WAR is propaganda,. The language of war is a PR exercise. WE KNOW HOW COMPLEX CANCER IS. DOES THIS NOT MEAN THAT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE SUBCONSCIOUSLY HOW COMPLEX ‘DEATH’ IS BY USING A METAPHOR IN SUCH A LINEAR WAY? THE CONTEXT OF WAR IS ALSO THE CONTEXT OF THE ANNIHILATION OF THE OTHER. Denying death its complexity and trying to empirically eliminate death/dying might be a bit of a problematic ‘starting point’. …..

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Gudrun Bielz I would like to add, that some of you don’t do yourselves any favours by eliminating the opinion of the not so ‘enlightened ones’. Good science comes out of being open, and finding a creative way of proving that the not so enlightened one’s might be wrong (as it is not linear, some might be wrong and some might have some truth in it). Also guys, how can you live with the notion of people being engaged in research, finding truths, ‘defeating’ (language of war) diseases, defeating death, if not out of the knowledge of our mortality and this race of time — as we know (at the current state) we are still mortal. This is why some have decided to go for afterlife fantasies in a religious or philosphical, artistic or political context and some in a scientific one. Until now, it seems that our knowledge of our mortality is quite an engine in our quest for overcoming death by any means. A bit of a paradox?

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