Trolls and other stuff – A sketch

Trolls on certain science blogs are dismissed by the new cognoscenti, who behave like history is dead (an erroneous concept by Fukuyama) and seem to act barbarically by killing off complexity in the name of complexity. How many fucks and pricks and other words are interwoven in the blogs of these new technically excellent minds, these new technocrats with their concept of the world as a huge machine. Where does all this testosterone go other than into the idea of world domination by creating a new humanity with posthumans, perhaps willing to become the ultimate consumers and plastic more-dimensional objects that might not even be able to sustain any ‘gooey chewy grey soup-like feelings that objects can have’ (the ‘gooey chewy..’ came out in conversation with Timothy Morton, Royal Academy, July 1, 2011). They are glued and connected to their computers and perceive the world through an electronic window as their real experience. It is as real as it is hyperreal or perhaps hybrid-real or just other-real like in otherworldly. I am sure that otherworldly will make them throw up, as it is so much connected to nature and beauty, to an aesthetic concept of some form of otherness.  They believe everything they want to believe and cherry-pick what they want. They use the language of propaganda, the language of war, the language of presumed superiority, a neo-conservative language of hatred without being aware of it. This is their truth. Without a concept of history, or trying to kill off history (a privilege of the young), they show an amazing ignorance towards the use of their own language and how, historically, it has been used to eliminate the enemy. The enemy being any other – somebody who is against progress, to be precise, the mythology of progress. There is a uniformity and I would say fascism in this dissemination. (Dan O’Hara talks about Ballard and soft fascism in a slightly different context, Virtual Futures, University of Warwick, 2011). I would call it hard-core fascism. ‘You are either with us or against us. Be prepared to be overruled. You are not asked if you want to be part of this future’.

A troll is anybody who does not single-mindedly believe in this new technological future as ‘the heaven’ on earth. Even techno-romanticists or techno-dreamers, as well as science fiction writers are not part of a non-troll word. It seems to me that being called a troll becomes an honour in this context.

Is anti-trollism a new form of racism and class war? Trolls being the Jews of the 21st century in the discussion and design of humanity+. The blacks (black people), the others, the female principle that is going to be flattened down into a genderless hybridity being defined by thinking patterns driven by male thinking (hormones) allowing feeling patterns only through external stimuli via chemical ones to produce internal nano-stimuli. (Kurzweil, Ray. Will we still have sex after the Singularity? 20 July 2011. <>.)  What about the historically created and invented dichotomy between male rationalism against female emotionalism?  Quote: “… nowadays all this is translated into a biochemical and evolutionary jargon that explains the origins of ‘natural’ differences of psyche and behavior between the sexes in terms of the sex-specific workings of hormones and the structure of the cerebral hemispheres” (Sturkenboom, Dorothee. Historicizing The Gender Of Emotions: Changing Perceptions In Dutch Enlightenment Thought. University of Nijmegen. 18 July 2011. <>).

I am going to visit a woman today, who became part of this programme of emotional extinction. She was put on Lorazepam by the medical community to flatten her excitement, her depressions, her otherness. She has been addicted to it for more than 30 years. This clearly was a failed scientific experiment. Perhaps, a narrative of anti-trollists?

To be continued ….

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