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A strategy for an apparently simple life – OCAL

She washes her hands every time she sees a black spot on a white wall. She scratches her head every time she sees flowers in bloom. She counts every time she sees a blue car passing by. She walks along walls and touches every uneven surface alongside. She wants to smooth out everything that appears to be out of the norm. She has yet to be invented. She will be an artificial life form, eager to please herself and ready to fulfil many expectations. She will communicate with the precision of a machine and have the mind of an obsessive being but the body of something not yet known. She will become like Olympia in E. T. A. Hoffmann’s story “The Sandman”, but nevertheless she will be of another kind, as she will have invented herself. She will have collected all projections and all ideas ever having existed and yet to come, so she can transform into this super-being limited to her own restrictions, a true agent of a post-human society.

Gudrun Bielz, London, 2006

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Dancing and thinking. Writing up my PhD ‘Arctificial Territory’, having to revise it again and again. Words are spinning in my head. So I am spinning on the dance floor. Shaking them, the words, into order and into a little pet that will follow me through to the end of this journey. Not sure if it is a rabbit. The Mars Volta are my dancing music. Progressive rock with maths, a bit of repetition like in arctificial and a bit of mysticism like in afterlife fantasies. MY LIMBS ARE PLACED ON MY HEAD. SLAVOJ ZIZEK appears on the screen with HIS TAKE ON SCHELLING AND HIS THOUGHTS ABOUT UNCONSCIOUSNESS: Zizek, Slavoj. “From Proto-reality to the Act”. 14. July 2011 <www.lacan.com/zizproto.htm>.

Shaking limbs rearrange the neurons. Do they? Estrogens and testosterones are involved here. Endorphins are racing. Like snow flakes in a winterscape, my thoughts start to swirl and rearrange themselves. So new like newspace. So new like newthought. So old like everything that has been thought and danced already. A slightly different movement of the limbs, a rearrangement of thoughts – laughter out of the lecture hall – fading in the wind – the great outdoors. Trees dancing with my thoughts and leaving some residue of resin on my forehead.

Dance: “parades & changes, replays”, Anna Halprin and Anne Collod


and “Cafe Mueller” by Pina Bausch

Bielz, Gudrun. Dancing, writing and living art.  24 Jul 2011.


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